The Finders Keepers Market

Hello Everyone!

So last weekend, Jacky and I went to The Finders Keepers Market which was located at the Brisbane Showgrounds. This is an event where you get to see different unique art works/products from local artists not only from Brisbane, but also from all around Australia! Some of the products that they sell would include potteries, clothes, jewels, decorations and paintings. There were also food stalls that were located outside.

The entrance fee was $2 each and free for children 12 years old and younger.

Lychee Ice Lemon Tea to cool us down on a hot day like this! Look at how cute this packaging is!

 We decided to grab a quick bite from one of the stores before entering.

The place was packed with people even though it was their last day for the event! There were plenty of beautiful pieces that were displayed.


Even though the items were slightly more expensive, there were lots of unique pieces! I thought that I would only be visiting the area but I ended up buying a couple of items! They were too hard to resist!

I got myself some bookmarks, a delicate piece of plate which I can put a couple of my favourite jewels on as well as an earring holder which is so convenient!

I really enjoyed the event and I would definitely recommend everyone who are interested in these events to go next year! There were lots of different items to see and purchase!

Thank you guys for reading!