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Your Personal Chef

Your Personal Chef is a newly open Cantonese style restaurant that is located at Sunnybank (next to Ding Hao/Welcome). I heard that the owner is the same owner as its former restaurant, Hometown which used to serve Taiwanese cuisines. They have decided to also give the restaurant a makeover, making it into more of a themed based restaurant. The name of the restaurant sounded very interesting so my family and I decided to give this new restaurant a try. Initially I thought that they were going to cook in front of us, but unfortunately that was not the case! (I guess I had a very high expectations).

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with very friendly and polite waitresses. They handed us a tablet for us to order our food.

I have to say, I did not like ordering through this system. When viewing the menu, I also realised that they did not have a lot of dishes to choose from. That could be due to it being quite a new restaurant. I initially added Grill Eel with Rice into “my cart” but changed my mind after a few minutes to Grilled Fried Rice. So, I removed the first dish and added the second to my cart. When I continued to browse their menu, all of a sudden, it said that our order was sent! I was confused but decided to add on more dishes. A few moments after we finish ordering, Grill Eel with Rice was served! I was flustered as I am very very sure that I removed it from my order. One of the waitress (which happens to be a friend) fixed up the order for us in the end. I just thought that the ordering system was not as smooth as it could be which made it very frustrating.

Putting that aside, the drinks looks very pretty and the presentation was on point. Not only that, it was actually really delicious.

Lemon, Lime and Mints Soda and Lemon Ice Tea

Stirred Fried Egg Plants and Green Beans

The Stirred Fried Egg Plants and Green Beans was actually my favourite out of everything that we ordered.

Gourmet Pork Ribs (S)

I have a feeling that they messed up the order for this too because it did not look like the picture that they displayed on their menu. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too bad and I also enjoyed it.

Grilled Eel Fried Rice

The main reason to why I decided to change my order to the Grilled Eel Fried Rice was because of the presentation. However, I was a little disappointed because it does not look as pretty as I thought it would be. I think that it was mainly because the amount that they served was less than what was in the picture in their menu, hence, the flat fish presentation. We also could not see a lot of grilled eel in the fried nice (I understand that is fried rice). In addition, it was also a little dry.

Overall, I the restaurant was pleasant and the friendly waitresses made dining there much nicer. They do tend to clear your food quite quickly too… even though you clearly have not finished your dishes yet. The food was not bad but the ordering system was very frustrating. However, I would definitely come back for their drinks because it was delicious. Also, one of their menu caught my eye, which was the Avatar Pork, but unfortunately, they were already sold out ._. so I will come back if I have the chance to try that out!


Your Personal Chef
Sunnybank Plaza, Mains Road & McCullough Street, Sunnybank, Brisbane (Next to Welcome)
Opening Hours: 11AM – 3PM and 5PM – 10PM

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