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Review: Tarte Graveyard Swamp Queen Eyeshadow and Cheek Palette

Hello Everyone!

I’m finally starting on my make up reviews! To be honest, I’ve taken so many pictures for different make up products, but I’ve been delaying on writing the posts because I just did not know how I wanted the post to look like. So this would just be a trial and error to see how I would like my contents to look in the future.

Without further ado, let’s start! So, a couple of months ago, I did a Tarte make up haul because they had some sales going on and I decided to try some of their make up products because I’ve heard good things about it. This post would be a review on the Tarte Swamp Queen eye shadow palette. This was a collaboration between Tarte and a famous Youtuber, Grav3yardgirl.

I purchased this palette from the official Tarte website and it costed me $43 AUD which was a good deal considering that this is a full face palette with shipping fee included. However, the downside of buying from their website is that the shipping took roughly 3 weeks (if I’m not mistaken) to arrive in Australia. Alternatively, you can find this in Sephora.

The palette had a nice packaging that resembles wood and it felt nice and sturdy.

 The palette consists of three cheek colours (bronzer, blush and highlight) on the left and nine different eye shadow colours which are a combination of shimmer and matte shadows. It also comes with a eye shadow brush was makes it very convenient if you decide to travel with this palette. You can barely see it in this picture, but at the top of the mirror, it says “Believer in yourself, Love yourself, Embrace your individuality”.

The main reason why I purchased this palette was because of the reddish and plum undertone colours of this palette. I’ve been loving these colours since last year!

Alright, now time for some swatches!

From Left to Right: dogman, natural peaches, #SFS, gator wings, does this thing really work?, sweet tea

From Left to Right: big baby, sassy bun, sippy sippy, haunting, uncommon, mancat

 If I’m not mistaken, the names would relate to her video contents? (I don’t watch her videos very often so I’m only familiar with the blush name, “does this thing really work?”). Haha, please correct me if I’m wrong.

First of all, let me talk about the three cheek colours (sweet tea, does this thing really work?, gator wings). They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The colours are so pigmented, and let me warn you, a little goes a very (very) long way! They look so natural on my skin and it is both blendable and buildable. In my opinion, these three colours are the highlight of the palette.

Now, let’s more on to the eyeshadows. To be very honest with you, I thought that the eye shadows were alright. The pigment was good but I just had higher expectations because I’ve heard so much good reviews about Tarte’s eye shadows and how pigmented they are. The colours were also blendable and you can definitely mix and match all the colours together for different looks. One colour that I didn’t quite like is sippy sippy which is a chocolate/brown colour with glitter in it. It just didn’t blend well for me! Maybe it’s due to the glitter in the eye shadow, I don’t know but I was quite disappointed.

One thing that I really love about the eye shadows it that, it does not get smudged. Sometimes, the eye shadow would smudge to the bottom of my eyes leaving marks by the end of my work – especially during summer! After using this palette without a primer, it does not smudge at all even after a full day at work! I also realised that the palette smelt quite sweet, some even smelt like chocolate which made me so hungry haha.

Overall, it is a nice palette to have. In my opinion, the highlight of this palette would be the cheek colours, they are just sooo pigmented. Love it. The pigmentation of the eye shadows on the other hand was alright but I would definitely use them occasionally for work as they do not smudge. Other than that, I loved how big the mirrors were, making it much easier for me to do my make up. Would I recommend this palette? Hmm, maybe not? Unless they are willing to purchase the entire palette for just the cheek colours.

Alright, that is it from me. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to leave a comment or message me for feedback about the post! If you have used it before, what did you think about the palette?