Phat Elephant

I’ve always wanted to try Phat Elephant because its not only very very close to my workplace, but I’ve seen their Instagram and the pictures that they’ve uploaded looks so delicious. I’ve also seen pretty high reviews on the internet which made me really keen on trying this restaurant. Plus, I love Thai food.

If you’ve followed me on my old blog, you’ll already know who she is. But let me introduce her again, my partner in crime and best friend, Rachel! We go a longgggg way back, make 19 years? We used to go for food hunts, trying new places to eat and we are planning to do that more often again, so please anticipate it!

Alright, back to the restaurant!

It restaurant was actually really packed that night because there was a Christmas function (yes, I’ve been slacking and there are still more posts that are much overdue!) going on, so the only option to dine in out outside. The table that we were placed on was at the outside with high tables and stools which was uncomfortable and the table was constantly shaking which was a little annoying.

Lemon Lime Bitters and Thai Milk Tea

Rachel ordered a Lemon Lime Bitters while I ordered a Thai milk tea. The milk tea tasted a little weird. Both of us agreed that it tasted a little like plastic. I did not enjoy the drink. at. all.

Phat Thai with Chicken

The first dish we ordered was Phat Thai. It was very normal and a little blandWe really love Phat Thai but sadly, we did not enjoy this dish as well.

Tum Yam Prawn Hot and Spicy Soup

The second dish that we ordered was Tom Yum soup. This was slightly better than the other dishes which was a relief.

To be really honest with you, I did not enjoy my meal here and it was quite a disappointment. Was it because I had a very very high expectation? I felt that because they had a large group event going on, they have neglected the rest of the customers. I was also surprised that they provided us with plastic spoons and wooden chopsticks. I’m not being picky but I just thought that because the way the restaurant was presented, at least the cutleries would be better? Oh well, at least the company was great and the service was quick, despite having an event.

Overall, I would probably not recommend this (first at least) restaurant if someone wants to eat Thai in the city because I think that there were a couple better ones in the area. Would I go there again? Maybe, if I do not have much option just to maybe give it another chance when the restaurant does not have any events and see if there was any difference.


Rachel and I went to the same Thai restaurant for a gathering with some high school friends on the 7th of Feb and this time round, there were not big company events but the restaurants was still busy. However, both of us agreed that the service this time round was much better. I ordered the same Tom Yum and Rachel ordered a Beef Noodle Soup. I have to say, the Beef Noodle Soup was actually pretty delicious and the Tom Yum tasted better. We got to have a long table inside the restaurant and the environment was decorated nicely. Most of us enjoyed the restaurant in the end which was a relief.

The restaurant also replied to my review on Zomato to apologise about the experience which caught me by surprise but its nice to see that they care, I guess. But overall, it was a much better experience this time round. I would definitely go return to try other dishes when they are not as busy.


Phat Elephant
Post Office Square, Shop 7, 280 Queen Street, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane
Opening Hours: 11AM – 10PM
Phone: 07 3236 4454

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